Alcoholism – Everliv

Alcoholism – Everliv

Alcohol drinking is injurious to Health.

The main important human organ affected is LIVER.

Liver disease – Hepatitis – Cirrhosis

The current report says that about 30 percent of India’s population, just less than a third of the country’s populace – consumed alcohol regularly.  Alcohol consumption in India doubled in 11 years:

WHO report  

6.23 Billion litres of Alcohol consumption in India in 2019   Expected to reach    —           —      16.8 Billion litres in 2022

India is the largest consumer of whisky in the world and                                          it constitutes about 60% of the IMFL market.

To protect the Liver of these Alcoholics Ethix offers EVERLIV syrup which can be taken 1 table spoonful twice a day as prophylaxis.


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