Vaginal Health – Leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is one of the most common causes of referral to primary care or gynecology clinics. Leucorrhea  is a thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge. It is seen especially in reproductive ages, sexually active women and those with poor genital hygiene.  Leucorrhea is normal when you’re experiencing major changes in hormones like estrogen, so you might notice more of this discharge … Read more

Sea Buck Thorn oil – Vaginal Health

Seabuckthorn Oil    (Hippophae Ramnoides) also referred to as sandthorn, sallowthorn , seaberry.   Antiinflammatory,  Moisturiser , Antioxidant & Antibacterial.   Sea buckthorn oil which contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & amino acids. In recent years, sea buckthorn oil has gained popularity as an ingredient in skin-care products. When applied topically, sea buckthorn oil is … Read more

Tea Tree Oil – Vaginal Health

  Tea Tree Oil   ( TTO ) – Vaginal Health (Melaleuca alternifolia) Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a small tree native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. This essential oil has been used for almost 100 years in Australia but is now available worldwide Experts believe the most beneficial component of tea tree … Read more

Lactic Acid – Vaginal Eubiosis

  Vaginal Eubiosis and Dysbiosis Vaginal Eubiosis is characterised by beneficial lactobacillus-dominated microbiota Which produces large amounts of Lactic Acid. vaginal Dysbiosis (e.g. bacterial vaginosis, BV), characterised by an overgrowth of multiple anaerobes, is associated with an increased risk of adverse urogenital and reproductive health Recent studies demonstrate that lactic acid is a major antimicrobial, antiviral and exerts … Read more