Hair Tips: How to make your hair soft and shiny with natural conditioners?

Hair Tips: How to make your hair soft and shiny with natural conditioners?

Everyone has a desire to have beautiful hair, people use a variety of medicines to make hair beautiful, which can sometimes cause hair loss. Due to the increasing pollution nowadays, our body as well as our hair have a very bad effect. Beautiful and luminous forces are very helpful in enhancing the beauty of our face. The outermost layer of hair contains natural oil which locks the natural moisturizer of the hair. Because of this, hair keeps shining and they also remain soft. When this layer deteriorates, the hair becomes lifeless and dry. If you want to maintain the health of your hair by conditioning the hair naturally, then there are many things in your house that you can easily do hair conditioning. Let’s know about them.



  • Mehndi: This is the best mehndi hair conditioner. Make a thick paste by soaking the henna in water. Leave it overnight. Apply it on hair the next morning or a few hours later. Pay more attention to the ends of the hair. Wash it after three to four hours.
  • Rose flowers: Rose petals naturally contain chemicals that help to enhance the glow of the skin. To make it, make a paste by grinding half a cup of fresh rose petals, then add two eggs, four tablespoons of almond oil, and apply it on the hair for an hour, then shampoo it in the hair.


  • Egg: There is nothing better than an egg to soften and brighten hair. It is so effective that you will see a difference in one go. It contains sufficient amount of protein, fatty acids and lactin, which repair hair. Mixing olive oil in it will help more
  • Beer: Beer acts like a great hair tonic. The proteins found in it repair and nourish the hair, bringing back the lost shine of the hair.
  • Olive oil: If your hair is very dry and you feel the need for hair conditioning even after using a hair conditioner after shampoo, then olive oil can be a good hair conditioner for you. Massage the scalp with olive oil 15-20 minutes before shampooing, this will condition the hair well. If you wish, after applying oil, soak the towel in lukewarm water and wrap it on the hair for a while. This will keep the shine of hair always intact.

  • Yogurt : Yogurt is also a very good natural conditioner to keep hair soft and shiny. Apart from this, it is also beneficial in relieving hair loss and dandruff. If yogurt is sour then it is even more beneficial. Whisk the curd and leave it on the hair for half an hour and then clean the hair.

  • Honey:If your hair is very dry, then add three teaspoons of vegetable oil in half a cup of honey and leave it on the hair for half an hour. After this wash the hair with shampoo. This will make your hair soft as well as retain its shine.



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