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Hans Sanitizer in Hospital


Quality Ingredients for Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Ethix Hand sanitizer is a gel base instant rinse-free formulation made in India with 70% isopropyl alcohol for killing 99.9% germs quickly and efficiently. We use quality raw materials tested and as recommended by the FSDA (Food Safety and Drug Administration). The product is designed for regular use by using a thumbnail size for personal use and a coin size for highly crowded areas like reception desks, bathrooms, and sinks, and wherever the use of sanitizer is more required.

hand sanitizer


Hijeen Hand Sanitizer

We are an Indian Based manufacturing company with 21 years of expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing. Our WHO GMP certified factories manufacture varied formulations which include Capsules, Tablets, Dry syrup, Injection, Syrups, and soft gels. Dr. Ethix also manufactures natural and ayurvedic preparations, cosmetic, and personal care products.

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How we make Dr. Ethix Hand sanitizer?

  • All active ingredients and raw materials are tested by the Quality team as per FSDA regulations in our WHO GMP certified factory.
  • We carefully blend measured ingredients based on the formulations.
  • Finished products are then safely pumped into the filling bottles.
  • We use standard packing materials and shipped across to the warehouses.
hand sanitizer
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