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A little glance in teaching and the advancement in the medical industry can tell us how things have changed. If we are graduated from a nursing or medical college before the year 2000, we can visualize the enormous changes that happened so far and those happening in the current scenario. In those days, the students and teachers form in groups and listen to their seniors when they explain some topics
or share their experiences. Nowadays, all of them move towards working over smartphones or computers with the internet to convey or publish their views/lectures that can reach several people in a short period. Online medicine is one of those advancements in which one can share their views or being a doctor who can prescribe their medicines on trusted websites. People from any part of the country can easily be able to grab opinions from others and even the pros and cons can be surfed by anyone of us. Online medicine is very common among the developed countries where the doctors form an informed and well-organized discussion thus making the process clear and creates the firm
prescription for a patient’s health condition.

An internet-based vendor which sells both legitimate and illegitimate medicines through online portals and websites are commonly referred to as Online Pharmacy. Recent times have witnessed a surge in E-commerce for the purchase of medicines online. This includes the shopping of both prescription and non- prescription medicines. Many of the Indian consumers have started using online services for medicines in recent times. There are various laws that govern the implementation of online pharmacies in India.

Functions of an online pharmacy:

  • Acts as a host for online supporting teams
  • Sale and supply of all types of medicines
  • Provides clarification about the symptoms
  •  Sale and supply of cosmetics and other healthcare products
  •  Provides additional information about the medicine and its ingredients
  •  Online medicine delivery has emerged with a “door-to-door step” policy
    that simplifies the travel burden of customers
  • Complete packing of the product until it reaches the consume
  • The future demand for online pharmacy
    Online pharmacies play a vital role not only in the field of medical supplies but also started to establish their services to other health-related products as well. A common online platform is being used and a number of medicines and other medicinal health-related products/cosmetics are also available which are of huge demand. There are also internet-based pharmacy interfaces that allow the
    consumers to interact with the pharmacists to know well about the product they want to buy.

We still remember the olden days, when we walk down the street and reach our local chemist/pharmacy and hand over our prescription to buy medicines. Those trends have completely changed with the advancement in technologies. Online medical stores are spread worldwide thus serving the people with an enormous number of medicines, health care products, and cosmetics. There have been so many advantages of using the online medical store facility when compared to the traditional way of buying medicines from nearby medical shops. As we all know a common threat to online shopping, the same implies to online medical stores as well. Yes, we do have to thoroughly check the website/portal before transacting your hard-earned money to any online medical store. It is always advisable to avoid online medical stores that do not demand a prescription. Instead, we can approach a doctor and proceed with the purchases if they recommend ordering from that specific online medical store. Online medical stores are available on the internet which can be found by a normal search engine. Please always make sure to go through the customer reviews before trusting an online medical store.


  • Time is never a constraint for ordering medicine online which means the online medical stores are always open to customers
  •  Availability of a wide range of medicines at one portal
  •  Related applications that are compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops are also available in the play store and app store. We will be registering once and further purchases will be made very simple
  • It is far easy for a customer to get connected with the internet and order a medicine rather than following the traditional method of walking to a local medical shop
  • Payment methods are also very simple like credit card payment, debit card payment, cash on delivery (COD) and nowadays we have the advancement of paying cash through UPI methods
  • It is convenient for elderly people those who have mobility issues due to medical reasons
  • People from rural areas find it much easy to order medicine online rather than traveling a long distance to reach a medical shop
  • It is a complicated task to compare the prices of a specific product from different medical shops by visiting each of the shops individually. By getting used to online medicine shopping, we can compare prices of the same product from different medical shops
  • By repeated purchase of medicines or other health-related products from a specific online medical store, they will recognize the customer and be loyal to them providing discounts and offer notifications from time to time. This encourages the consumer to buy medicines online with discounts and offers

Digital marketing also referred to as online marketing or internet marketing is spread worldwide due to its benefits and convenience. India is not an exception with the good growing speed in this industry and does a good business out of it. It has a huge market as well as a high demand among the consumers which lead to an enormous number of online medical stores to be opened during the past 2 decades.

Just open any search engine and type the keyword “online medicine in India”. You will find several online medicine shopping websites in your window. Go through each of the websites for its customer reviews and feedback before trusting a website for your purchase. Also, it is good to consult a doctor before trusting any online medical store.


  • We should always be aware of the following parameters before ordering a medicinal product from online stores.
  • Medicine can be issued or printed in a fake name. It is better to check the spelling of the medicine to be correct as prescribed by the doctor
  • Some of the medicine might be expired before you buy which leads to major health complications in later stages. So along with the name please check the expiry date as well
  • The medical staff issuing the medicine should be well qualified and experienced
  • Always prefer cash on delivery (COD) option rather than paying before delivery. If you wish to pay in advance, please make sure to investigate about the website to be original by word of mouth or the direct reviews from existing customers
  • Try to avoid websites that provide medicines without a prescription

1. How to find whether an online pharmacy is licensed?
We can check thoroughly the website to know the license number. A genuine
website will have a valid license number to cross-check.

2. What are the general hours of operation for online medical stores?
Most probably, all the websites will be open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There might be certain timings for call centers depending upon the working hours of the respective pharmacy.

3. Can I contact Pharmacists at an online medical store?
Yes, the contact number of the Pharmacist will be always available in the website for any guidance in case of a genuine online pharmacy.

4. How many days will it take for an order to reach the consumer?
Depending upon the availability and the distance from which the customer is ordering a medicine, it may take around 3-5 working days from the date of order.

5. Can we trust buying online medicines in India?
Yes, of course. Online medicines have spread worldwide and India is not an exception. In fact, there is a good growing speed and a huge demand for online medical stores in India.

6. Is it safe to use credit/debit cards during the purchase of online medicine?
Until or unless the website/portal of the online medical store is proved to be genuine, we can use credit/debit cards for payment; however, it is always advisable to go for cash on delivery (COD) option before opting any of the online payment methods.

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