Caricap Carica Papaya Extract Capsule

Caricap papaya dengue fever
caricap capsule

Caricap Carica Papaya Extract Capsule

Caricap Carica Papaya Extract Capsule

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Capsules made from papaya and nilavembu leaf extracts an active immunostimulant and immunomodulator

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A potentially lethal disease that affects 50 million people a year DENGUE THE KILLER BITE. The Most
Economically Priced Carica Papaya Extract Capsule CariCap

Caricap papaya leaf extract 

Capsules made from papaya and nilavembu and other herbal extracts helps in the production of platelets to control bleeding, specifically useful in patients affected with DENGUE fever.

  • With the rise in the incidence of Dengue fever and an increase in its mortality rates, there is an increased and immediate necessity for the availability of simple and inexpensive treatment. Ethix understands the same and has come up with Caricap capsules, which contains dried papaya leaf extract with added ingredients like Nilavembu, tulsi, Vitamin C and many more to rise the platelet count and also reduce the occurrence of Dengue.
  • The papaya leaf extract in Caricap contains enzymes such as Chymopapin which helps in boosting the platelet count. CariCap consists of anti-malarial, anti- viral and anti- cancerous properties often used as a prophylactic treatment.
  • The active ingredients present in CariCap prohibits growth of microorganisms such as fungi, worms, parasites, bacteria as well as many forms of cancer cells. The other nutrients present also supports the immune system.

In symptoms like :
Muscle pain,
of blood vessels
leading to heavy
bleeding . . .


Mosquito-borne disease have struck with renewed vigour this monsoon season

Symptoms | High fever,severe headache,
joint and muscle pain, vomiting, nausea, rash (3-4 days later)
Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever
(DHF) can be fatal. Here, patient experiences drop in platelet cout and bleeding from nose and gums

Dengue shock syndrome
(DSS) is the most severe form characerized by heavy bleeding

    Symptoms | Headache, Chills, High Fever
    Symptoms | Nausea, Vomiting, Chills, Joint pain and Joint inflammation,
    severe fatigue and leg swelling. can last for months
  3. Treat Dengue Fever
    Carica Papaya Extract
    & Tinospora Cordifolia Extract Capsule From cGMP & ISO CERTIFIED FACTORY Platelet Booster
    Immunomodulator Anti-oxidant



Flavonoid Alkaloid, Glycosides & Glucosinolates

Stimulate bone marrow

Boosts platelet count                                                                           

Increases ALOX – 12 & PTAFR
Gene Expression by 16 & 13.42 folds

Increases megakarytes production

Boosts platelet count

Indicated in Thrombocytopenia Due to

Malaria / Dengue / ITP / Liver Cirrhosis
/ Alcoholism / Chemotherapy

2 Capsules two times in a Day
(If Platelet count is above 50,000)

2 Capsules three times in a Day
(If Platelet count is below 50,000)

Why us?

On the Ethix Healthcare, we believe that the quality of health care is a human right and we are committed to providing the best health care at an affordable price within the reach of ordinary people.

Our strength !!!!

We have a advanced factory having approvals with WHO-GMP, ISO and various international authorities. We are present in 20 more state around the india and still count. We have a solid documentation support with complete files in various general formats, ACTD, etc. a well-equipped quality control laboratory with a well qualified staff is an added benefit. Our F & D department is continuously working on the new development and continuous improvement of the existing formulation and production house, with sophisticated advanced machines. All of this forms a west coast what we are today.

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