Diablend Protein Supplement Diabetes (Buy 2 Get 2) 200g

Diablend Nutrition Powder for Diabetes 200g – 2
Diablend Nutrition Powder for Diabetes 200g 1
Diablend Nutrition Powder for Diabetes 200g 2

Diablend Protein Supplement Diabetes (Buy 2 Get 2) 200g

Diablend Protein Supplement Diabetes (Buy 2 Get 2) 200g

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490.00 245.00 Include GST


Diablend is a protein supplement manufactured by Ethix Healthcare consisting of Soy protein, Casein protein and whey protein with added vitamins and minerals.

The AACE (American Association of clinical Endocrinologists) recommends that 10-20% of the calorie intake in diabetes should come from proteins (AACE Diabetes Guidelines). It is in fact believed that this is one nutrient that does not increase blood glucose levels in both diabetics and healthy subjects to balance the protein levels and also control diabetes.

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Diablend Nutrition Powder

Diablend (Powder) Composition:

Each 100 gm  contains


Vitamin  A2500 I.U. Calcium                                   850 mg
Vitamin  D3                          250  I.U. Phosphorous                           650 mg
Vitamin  E                               50  mg Iron                                            20 mg
Vitamin  K                               30  mcg Sodium                                    400 mg
Vitamin  B1                             02  mg Potassium                               425 mg
Vitamin  B2                             02  mg Magnesium                            100 mg
Vitamin  B6                             01  mg Iodine                                      250 mcg
Methyl Cobalammine          500  mcg Copper                                    500 mcg
Vitamin  C                               50  mg Manganese                            200 mcg
Niacinamide                           14  mg Selenium                                  30  mcg
Folic acid            300 mcg Zinc                                           10  mg
Calcium Pantothenate            4  mg Molybdenum                        125  mcg
Inositol                                     35 mg Choline                                     80  mg
Carnitine                                    7 mg Biotin                                        50  mcg
Docosahexaenoic acid           40 mg Chromium Picolinate             90  mcg

Chlorides                                250  mg



Nutritional Facts

Energy 390 Kcal

Proteins 10gms

Fats 5gms

Carbohydrates 50gms



Therapeutic uses of Diablend


♦ Diablend with Soy protein helps in preventing heart ailments by improving HDL and total cholesterol levels.

♦ Soy protein in Diablend manufactured by Ethix health care is a low-fat source of protein with high B vitamins, fiber, potassium, and essential amino acids.

♦ Whey protein in Diablend is a good source of L-Cyste I ne which is a most important antioxidant to eliminate free radicals.

♦ Diablend by Ethix Healthcare helps in preventing a build-up of fat leading to obesity in diabetics.

Prophylactic uses of Diablend

♦ Diablend by Ethix Healthcare helps to control the blood glucose levels in diabetes.

 ♦ Whey protein in Diablend by Ethix healthcare reduces both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in hypertensive humans.

♦ Soy protein in Diablend by Ethix Healthcare helps in lowering the fasting blood glucose levels.

♦ Whey protein in Diablend also, in addition, helps to boost immunity.

♦ Diablend also helps in decreasing the triglyceride levels in diabetics after meals.

♦ Casein in Diablend has the ability to form a gel or clot in the stomach and this ability makes it very efficient for nutrient supply.


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