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Natural cocoa powder. Chocolate flavours. Contains added flavours (Natural, Nature identical and chocolate artifical flavouring substances). Energy : 389 kcal / 100 gm. Adequate overages of vitamins added. Non alchoholic ready to serve beverage mix (proprietary food). Instant milk food. Net weight : 200 g.


GROSTRONG (Balanced Nutrition for Kids fast Growth)

Kids’ Health

The early years are important for a child’s mental and physical development. As a parent, you would naturally be keen to ensure that your child gets the best nutrition possible for his optimal growth. Nutritional requirements vary according to age. Toddlers are fussy eaters that may lead to gaps in nutrition. Preschoolers, on the other hand, tend to have a very busy schedule and need adequate nutrition to keep them going through the day. It is, therefore, important to manage different nutritional needs of your child according to his age. To bridge the gaps in nutrition and aid your child’s overall development, it may be important to include a beverage or nutritional supplement as part of the daily diet. Health drinks provide tailor-made nutrition for children.

What Do Vitamins and Minerals Do?

Vitamins and minerals boost the immune system, support normal growth and development, and help cells and organs to do their jobs.

Vitamin A in “GROSTRONG”

promotes normal growth and development, tissue and bone repair, and healthy skin, eyes, and immune responses.

Vitamin B6 in “GROSTRONG”

The family of B vitamins, B2, B3, B6, and B12 ,aid metabolism, energy production, and healthy circulatory and nervous systems.

Vitamin C in “GROSTRONG”

Promotes healthy muscles, connective tissue and skin.

Vitamin D in “GROSTRONG”

It’s also important for me to note here that if you do end up supplementing with vitamin D, that you also give your child a vitamin K2 supplement to prevent vitamin D toxicity. This article from Dr. Mercola* goes into more detail about why vitamin K2 is needed with supplemented vitamin D and how this helps prevent vitamin D toxicity in children.

Calcium in “GROSTRONG”

Calcium helps build strong bones as a child grows.


Grostrong(Powder) Composition:

Each 100 gm  contains


Vitamin  A                   1525  I.U.Calcium                                   700 mg
Vitamin  D                            251  I.U.Potassium                               396 mg
Vitamin  E                         13.20  I.UIron                                            7.4 mg
Vitamin  K                               20  mcgSodium                                    210 mg
Vitamin  B1                             2.5  mgCholine                                     140 mg
Vitamin  B2                             2.2  mgMagnesium                              18 mg
Vitamin  B6                             2.6  mgIodine                                      250 mcg
Methyl Cobalamin                1.4  mcgCopper                                    150 mcg
Vitamin  C                               50  mgManganese                            200 mcg
Niacinamide                            11  mgSelenium                               0.15 mcg
Folic acid                               200 mcgZinc                                           5  mg
Inositol                                   54 mgD H A                                         40 mg
Taurine                                   32 mgG L A                                         25 mg
Biotin                                      200 mcgLycopene                                 25 mg
Pantothenic acid                     5 mcg

Boblone colostrum                50 mg

Chromium Picolinate             35 mcg

Carnitine                                   10.5 mg

Molybdenum                            30 mcg

Chromium                                  5 mcg

Nutritional Facts / 100 gm

Energy                     389 Kcal

Proteins                   15  gms

Fat                        5.5  gms

Carbohydrates      88 gms


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