HMHM Nutrition powder

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Instant milk food. Contains added flavours nature identical flavouring substance (Cardamom). Health supplement. Fortified with kashmiri saffron. Appropriate overages are added for vitamins to compensate losses during shelf life. Net weight : 200 g.

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HMHM Nutrition Powder

Establishing a great breast milk supply in the first six weeks postpartum is essential to breastfeeding success and there are some really amazing breastfeeding supplements that every mother should take to ensure optimal health.

HMHM lactation protein powder has been specifically designed by mothers, for mothers. With our brilliant team of professional nutritionists specializing in complete foods and plant-based nutrition, we take into account the needs of breastfeeding mothers, select hand-selected ingredients to provide optimal nutrition for the mother, and add highly reputable ingredients. to promote healthy breastfeeding and milk supply.

A well-nourished mother on an average secretes about 850 ml milk/day, whereas, in case of a severely-malnourished mother, the level may go down to as low as 400 ml/day.

Pregnancy and nursing are times of a woman’s life when it is important to be vigilant about getting enough nutrients to nourish her little one and supplements can be helpful. Supplement “Lactotime” by Ethix Healthcare to support the nursing mothers.

Lactotime contains unique ingredients like DHA, GLA, Lycopene and multi-vitamins and multi-minerals 

HM HM (Powder) Composition:

Each 100 gm  contains


Vitamin  A1400 I.U. Calcium                                   600 mg
Vitamin  D   400  I.U.
Vitamin  E                               10  mg Iron                                            20 mg
Vitamin  K                               30  mcg
Vitamin  B1                             1.5  mg
Vitamin  B2                             1.5  mg Magnesium                            65 mg
Vitamin  B6                             2.7  mg Iodine                                      250 mcg
Methyl Cobalamin1.4  mcg Copper                                    150 mcg
Vitamin  C                               50  mg Manganese                            200 mcg
Niacinamide8  mg Selenium                                  25  mcg
Folic acid            600 mcg Zinc                                           15  mg
D H A                                         40 mg
G L A                                         25 mg
Lycopene                                 25 mg
Chromium Picolinate35 mcg


Nutritional Facts / 100 gm

Energy                     404 Kcal

Proteins                   6.5  gms

Fats                        0.85  gms

Carbohydrates      122  gms

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