Spermax Capsule infertility (Increase Sperm Motility) for Men

increase sperm motility
Increase Sperm Motility
increase sperm motility

Spermax Capsule infertility (Increase Sperm Motility) for Men

Spermax Capsule infertility (Increase Sperm Motility) for Men

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Increase sperm motility
Help to Makes sperm healthy and stronger
Balances male hormones
Enhances semen volume and sperm count
Helps To Protect Sperm From DNA Damage
Improve Male Reproductive Health

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SPERMAX – Increase sperm motility

In recent years Infertility in Men has become a widespread issue. In 30% of the infertile couples the problem is solely with the male partner. The male infertility factors contribute up to one fifth of the infertility cases.

Under normal circumstances a healthy man can produce 300 to 500 million sperm cells/ejaculation. Infertility in men depends basically on factors like quality and quantity of the sperm in the semen.

Major causes of infertility in Men are

  1. Hypothalamic or pituitary disorder.
  2. Gonad disorder
  3. Sperm transport 

Indications for Spermax

  1. Issues with sperm mortality, where the sperm may have a very short life span or low mobility.
  2. Erectile dysfunctionincrease sperm motility spermax

How to increase sperm count and volume

A study in the journal FERTILITY and STERILITY looked at the effects of a 200mg daily of Co Q10 supplement on the sperm count of 22 infertile men with low sperm mobility. After about six months of use the men showed an increased level of sperm count and improved mobility.

In another study involving 132 subfertile men, the use of supplement increased the sperm count by 49% after 3 months, and by 81% after 6 months use.

Antioxidants and cell energizing nutrient supplements has proven effect on improving the sperm mobility, sperm count and the number of normal cells by decreasing the damage to DNA in sperm. It increase testosterone and sperm count

Spermax by Ethix Healthcare is a formulation of clinically evaluated ingredients with a unique combination of supplement with L Cartinine, Lycopene and Vitamin Efor sperm health. Sperms unlike any other cell in the human body have to travel farther which needs tremendous amount of energy to do so. Sperms being the smallest cell in the human body is more susceptible to cell damage and this is one of the major reason for infertility in men. Spermax supports in improving sperm count and quality. Best pills for increasing sperm count


In the treatment for infertility, it is very important to have a significant effect on the cellular level.

Co Enzyme present in Spermax is a natural vitamin like substance commonly called ubiquinone found in the body cells. This substance is basically an energy promoting agent and a very powerful antioxidant that acts in the cellular level. Oxidative stress in men is one of the most important factors affecting the sperm function and a significant factor in the etiology of male infertility. The CoQ10 antioxidant properties helps fight against free radicals thereby preventing cell damage and also in maintaining healthy sperm cells. The CoQ10 has a direct correlation on the seminal parameters of the cells like count and mobility and also prevents cell damage by

Amino acid in Spermax which has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier to naturally stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone to aid infertility. This substance is also essential for sperm production, formation and maturation. Naturally the head of the sperm contains high levels of content which helps improve sperm count, motility and quality.

it is a vital transporter molecule which helps shuttling fatty acid across cell there by producing energy. This boost in energy helps the sperm to swim efficiently to have a chance at fertilizing an egg.

Spermax consists of Lycopeneis a natural plant derived carotenoid and which has proven benefits in increasing spermatogenesis and reducing the oxidative stress in men. Lycopene is found to act on poor quality sperm and reversing the male factor infertility.increase sperm count spermax

Sperm Increase Tablet

Synergistic effect of CoEnzyme Q10 

  1. Convenient prescription free and non invasive.
  2. Spermax preparation is based on natural ingredients without side effects.
  3. it helps the sluggish sperm swim and boosts the mobility.
  4. Spermax stimulates the process which in turn increases the sperm count.
  5. Spermax helps in Erectile dysfunction by relaxing the blood vessels and improves healthy blood flow to the penis.
  6. Spermax acts at the cellular level to shuttle the fatty acids across the cell membrane helps in improving sexual stamina in men with low libido.
  7. Spermax has an antioxidant effect which fights with the free radicals to prevent cell damage.
  8. Spermax prevents the regeneration of abnormal sperm cells.
  9. Spermax Improve blood flow to penile and maintains erection properly.
  10. it help as medicine to increase sperm count and motility


Sperm count increase Contraindications

Any known hypersensitivity to the above mentioned neutraceuticals.

Adverse effects

Spermax being a neutraceutical product is well tolerated if taken as per recommendation.

How does it work?

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that may help protect cells from damage. This is why there is a lot of research interest in lycopene’s role, if any, in preventing cancer. its also help of testosterone booster

What is multivitamin with minerals in Spermax?

Spermax with Multivitamins and minerals are used to provide substances that are not taken in through the diet. it also used to treat vitamin or mineral deficiencies caused by illness, pregnancy, poor nutrition, digestive disorders, certain medications, and many other conditions.

What is multi mineral in Spermax?

Spermax with Multivitamin/mineral (MVM) supplements contains a combination of vitamins and minerals, and some other ingredients as well. The vitamins and minerals in Spermax have unique roles in the body.



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