Yesenz Face Serum And Hair Growth Serum 50ml

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Yesenz Face Serum And Hair Growth Serum 50ml

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Yesenz Face Serum And Hair Growth Serum 50ml

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  • Face serum with hyaluronic acid is extraordinarily helpful for all skin types simply make you feel weightlessness on the skin.
  • The lightweight face serum claims to help your skin retain its youthful look and improve its radiance.
  • Face Serum is specially formulated to target the signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine line and pigmentation, and also claims to improve your skin texture and tone.
  • Hair Growth Serum activates hair follicle germ tissue on the scalp of the hair, promotes rapid growth and nourishment of hair due to its unique active ingredients.
  • Hair Growth Serum using natural Protein, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and Almond as a raw material
  • Hair Growth Serum can promote the healthy development of hair and scalp, and the hair becomes dense and supple.
  • Hair thickening hair growth serum for fine hair that balances oily scalp and increases hair volume.


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Dr. Ethix Hair Growth Serum (Yesenz)


Hair Growth Serum possesses a valuable medley of PROTEIN, ARGAN OIL, VITAMIN E, OLIVE OIL, and ALMOND OIL. It builds an intense environment for gorgeous and stunning hair growth. It forms a protective layer over the hair follicles which results in providing soft, smooth, and frizz-free hair. This incredible hair growth serum has a unique potential to repel the hair strands from each other thereby preventing tangling of hairs and hair loss. It effectively protects your hair from environmental aggressors such as dust, pollution, and harmful UV rays. YESENZ HAIR SERUM Helps impart added shine, hydration, and humidity to your hair which gives a long and lustrous hair.


  1. PROTEIN: Protein is a crucial element for hair growth. It seeds the scalp with plenty of new hair cells. Every new nourished hair cell promotes strong voluminous hair.
  2. ARGAN OIL: This oil is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree. It is naturally furnished with a wide range of essential fatty acids. Enriched fatty acid builds your hairs strong enough to fights infections and provides a creamy texture to your hairlines.
  3. VITAMIN E: It permeates into the hair follicles and removes the dead cells which damage and hinders the cell cycle. Its endless production of collagen adds resilience to the hairlines and shields from dust particles. It is clinically illustrated that Vitamin E boosts healthy hair.
  4. OLIVE OIL: The crude oil heaved from olives, it contains antioxidants that stimulate hair growth and combats dandruff.  Also, it soothes parched and itchy scalp. Olive oil leaves a moisturized glassy hairs
  5. ALMOND OIL: Almond is a natural source of Biotin, it supports the hair cuticles to grow faster without tapering at the end,  thus it prevents hair thinning. The waxing composition of Almond oil in YESENZ HAIR SERUM gives a healthy radiant look to your hair.






  • Reassures  dry and damaged hair
  • The combination of almond oil and vitamin E in the serum prevents hair thinning
  • and hair-fall
  • Stimulates hair growth and eradicates dandruff completely
  • It calms down the itchy scalp and minimizes hair breakage
  • The non-greasy formulation gives an elegant glimpse of your hair
  • It helps to get soft, smooth, and frizz-free hair
  • Reduces oily scalp

Guidance to employ hair serum :

  • Always use the serum on freshly wetted hairs
  • Take 3 – 4 drops of serum into your palm and start applying it from the edge of the hair and move towards the middle section of your hair

(Avoid applying the serum to the scalp area)

YESENZ FACE SERUM has an effective moisturizing formula that penetrates deep into the skin and locks up essential oils and vitamins. The 24K GOLD ESSENCE enriched with HYALURONIC ACID fades the scars and wrinkles shortly. Ultra-hydrating commodity penetrates the skin deeply, replenishing and boosting the skin’s ability to retain moisture, reflecting a soft and supple complexion. The presence of SANDALWOOD, ALMOND OIL, and HONEY underrates the pore sizes of the facial skin and steadily increases the moisture level on your skin. The inclusions of MORINGA and VITAMIN E in YESENZ FACE SERUM slows down the aging process and gives an everlasting glow on your face.

Ingredients of YESENZ FACE SERUM:

  1. 24K GOLD ESSENCE: The gold ions in 24K Gold essence when it enters into the skin, it gets initiated and attracts blood and oxygen circulation towards it. Enrichment of blood and oxygen leads to clear out dead cells and nurture your skin. This process makes your skin more youthful, fresh and adds glow.
  2.  SANDALWOOD: It holds antibacterial property which helps to fight acne-causing bacteria, removes suntan, and also reduces the process of aging. Besides, it removes the sunburns and nourishes the skin as well
  3.  VITAMIN E: It is proven that the absorption of Vitamin E by the skin pores will Seal the moisture under your skin and maintains an everlasting fresh look. It holds potent antioxidant benefits you with a healthy and wrinkles free skin
  4.  HYALURONIC ACID: The contribution of Hyaluronic acid with the serum heightens cell production and keeps your skin well hydrated. It reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles by locking moisture into the skin
  5. ALMOND OIL: This oil has natural fatty acids it wipes out excess oil and dirt from the skin pores. The presence of retinoid in Almond oil will reduce acne and enhance cell turnover.
  6. MORINGA: Moringa tightens the cell gaps in the facial skin which prevents assorted skin damage and protects from germs. It also eradicates wrinkles and blemishes which makes you look younger. The composure of omega-3 fatty acids in Moringa gives a luminous Skin tone.
  7. HONEY: Honey mainly works to soften the skin. It also helps balance the healthy bacteria on the skin which makes the skin robust to fight against the acne-causing bacteria. This it leaves a flawless gleam on your face




  • Delays the aging process
  • Augments your skin texture with vitamin E
  • Nurtures a tighter and smoother skin
  • Routine use withstands spots, scars, pimples, and other marks by providing radiance to your skin
  • Reduces the pore size and stop blackhead and whiteheads
  • Nourishes and moisturizes your skin
  • Suits all skin types comprising the most sensitive skin

 Orientation to face serum application:

  • Wash with soap or use a cleanser before application. Washing with warm water helps open up the pores.
  • Now Gently apply 2 – 3 drops of YESENZ FACE SERUM on a well cleaned and
  • Toned face and neck area
  • Idle for 5 minutes to get the best outcomes, assist the serum gradually immerse into your skin
  • Now gently pat your complexion, will spread the serum under your skin surface.
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes.

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    It was nice. when applying the serum gets a good aroma.

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    Nice one

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