Should we apply hair conditioner every time after shampoo?

Should we apply hair conditioner every time after shampoo?

Long and thick hair is the desire of every girl’s mind. It not only enhances your beauty but gives you a soul confidence.

But how much our hair bears in today’s race life. Sunlight, soil, dust, due to which the risk of dirt and germs in hair increases greatly. In such a situation it is very important to keep in mind that they can be cleaned regularly and get proper nutrition.

Shampoo is necessary for hair cleansing. There is a shampoo for scalp and conditioner is very important if hair is to be nourished. Because after shampooing, all the oil that is in your hair is removed due to which Your hair does not get nutrition. Therefore it is important to apply conditioner every time after shampooing.

If seen, the conditioner is mainly of three types:

  1. Traditional
  2. Leave in
  3. Deep

Traditional conditioner

This type conditioner is applied immediately after shampooing. Shampoo your hair thoroughly and then apply conditioner on it. This conditioner is allowed to stay for 4-5 minutes. Always apply it more at the end of the hair as it is the weakest hair. If you apply it on the scalp, it will generate excess oil in your hair and will also close the scalp pores of your scalp.

Wash your hair after applying conditioner. The amount of conditioner should be taken to suit the length of your hair.

Leave in conditioner

This conditioner is available in the market in two ways. In the form of creams and sprays, if your hair is too curly or too heavy then the cream live in conditioner is the right choice for you. And if your hair is very thin then the spray will be perfect for you.

This conditioner does not need to be washed. You can let it stay in your hair. After shampooing it is used to keep the hair moisturizing.


Deep conditioner  

Deep conditioners are not of different types but are made by different producers. Its purpose is that it gives complete nourishment to your hair. You have to keep it for about 30 minutes or used according to the instructions given on the product. It is washed after keeping some time. This is a great option if the hair is too damaged.


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