Life Creator sperms: some interesting Facts

Bad diet = Bad Sperm

          If you want healthy sperms you need to cut down that bad diet. Say no


to cheese, alcohol, bacon & cigarettes.


Obesity can lower the sperm quality and count

          If you are suffering from obesity or if your BMI is more than 25, you

can have some issues

          with the count and quality of the sperms.

Sperm can live for up to five days inside a vagina,

depending on how friendly the vagina is. Generally, it only lasts for

up to 24-48 hours inside the female body

There are more than 200 million sperms in a single ejaculation.

Sperms are either male or female. 

Sperm will either carry a male “Y” chromosome or a female “X”

chromosome but not both which will eventually determine the baby’s


Even if the sperms are dead, it can still fertilize the egg.

In laboratory settings, scientists have been able to fertilize female

human eggs using dead human sperm. Only the DNA is required to

start a new life.


Wireless technology damages sperm.

The heat from the laptop and the cell phone we use, the wifi

connections, etc all these wireless technologies can damage both the

sperms and the eggs.


Sperms can be of different shape

We always knew that they have an oval head and a long tail. But all

sperms are different; sperms may have a small head, two heads, a big

head, several tails, a bent tail or a broken tail.

It takes a long time to form. Though the production of sperms


takes place regularly but it takes two months to finally produce a

healthy sperm.

Sperms don’t always swim straight. Only about one in five sperm


swims upstream toward the female’s egg while others swim in



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