The Best 7 Things To Know About Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

The Best 7 Things To Know About Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is globally proved that it is used to kill common disease-causing micro-organisms. It is an antiseptic liquid or gel-like substance. The trend of using Hand sanitizer is an alternative way of using soap and water to wash your hands often. It acts as the best source of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties thus forming a protective layer over the skin to prevent it from bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Hand sanitizer easily kills any kind of bacteria or virus that adheres to our hands in very few seconds. Hand sanitizers are compact and portable to be carried to all places wherever you go. It is transparently proved that the best way to stay away from germs is by using Hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers can be used for various purposes other than cleaning our hands.

Surprising Uses of Hand Sanitizer

  • It can be used to give a nice shine to the phone screen by applying a few drops of Hand sanitizer on a soft cloth. Gently rub it over your phone screen which results in a good shine and thorough cleaning
  • It can be used to clean your glasses or sunglasses
  • Perfect to apply over your active pimples which aid in drying and removing it
  • A few drops of Hand sanitizer can be used to clean your mirror and windows
  • It cures the itching sensation that occurs after the mosquito bites
  • After cleansing your make-up brush, Hand sanitizer can be used to sanitize your make-up brushes and allow them to air-dry
  • Get rid of your fingerprints on stainless steel and refrigerators
  • Hand sanitizers are used to erase the stains caused by permanent markers on walls, clothes, and whiteboards

Do You Know the Correct Steps To Use Hand Sanitizer?

Always be aware of two points while using a hand sanitizer:

  • Make sure to rub your hands continuously until and unless your hands become dry
  • Wash your hands with soap and water if you have a greasy hand before sanitizing

Step 1: Take a dime-sized drop of Hand sanitizer in your cupped palm

Step 2: Equally spread the Hand sanitizer such that it covers all surfaces of your hand

Step 3: Rub your hand’s palm to palm thoroughly in such a way that the hand sanitizer is applied all over your hands including the fingers

Step 4: Continue rubbing thoroughly for 40 to 50 seconds

Step 5: Make sure that your hands become completely dry

Does Hand Sanitizer Work on Dirty Hands?

Using soap and water is the best way to get rid of germs and chemicals that are present on hands. In a situation where soap and water are not available, using an Alcohol-based Hand sanitizer with an immunity booster is always recommended. It is always advisable to choose a hand sanitizer that has a minimum of 60% alcohol in it and works in less than 5 seconds. Alcohol-based sanitizer helps to eliminate the number of micro-organisms that are present on our hands but it doesn’t eliminate all types of germs.

Many pieces of researches have proved that Hand sanitizers work well in clinical environments like hospitals where our hands come in contact only with germs and they don’t generally meet heavy dirt or grease. In some cases, researches have told that Hand sanitizers may work against a certain type of germs on slightly dirty hands. On heavily greasy and dirty hands, Hand sanitizer may not work well. Washing your hands with soap and water is the best way in those situations. Alcohol-based Hand sanitizers are proved to be an effective hand-hygiene method that does not require water and soap. Alcohol-based Hand sanitizers are not recommended for dirty and greasy hands even though they are proved to be an effective hand hygiene method. This is because dirty or greasy hands are still wet with mucous. In this situation, Alcohol-based Hand sanitizers don’t act actively on the germs and microbes present on the hands. If you are in a situation, where you can’t access soap and water, Alcohol-based Hand sanitizers can be a better and temporary solution. But, make sure at least 60% of alcohol content in it.

Is it necessary to wash hands after applying sanitizer?

Hand Sanitizer relies only on Alcohol to dissolve lipids and denatures proteins. Using Hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of 70% can kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs that are present on our hands. The remaining 0.01% bacteria are alive and they are capable of reproducing at a fast rate. In addition to this, certain types of bacteria are found to be efficient at surviving chemical environments. Hence, usage of Hand sanitizers is recommended when the facilities to wash your hands with soap and water are not available. Washing your hands after or before applying Hand sanitizer eliminates the purpose of using it. Always choose to wash your hands with soap and water than to choose Hand sanitizers. Using Hand sanitizers are recommended when you are not reachable to soap and water.

hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers should never be considered as a replacement for soap and water. The traditional method of washing our hands with soap and water aids in cleaning the dirt particles present on your hands which hand sanitizers can’t do. It only kills the micro-organisms. Using Hand sanitizers on unsoiled hands is recommended by health care professionals as it nullifies the germs present in our hands but it doesn’t remove dirt and other particles from our hands. It is a bad practice to consume food with bare hands after using a Hand sanitizer. Always make sure to wash your hands before and after applying Hand sanitizer while handling food. It is important to wash your hands because it removes the chemicals and other fragrances that are present in commercially manufactured Hand sanitizers.

Does Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Kill Flu Virus?

The role of Alcohol-based Hand sanitizer is found to be most effective in preventing the spread of seasonal flu-like H1N1, colds, coronavirus, and other bacterial and viral-based diseases. Experts have stated that washing your hand with ordinary soap and water is helpful in removing the germs. You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to get rid of harmful germs and bacteria. Hand sanitizer is found to be effective in killing 99.9% of germs, but are found to be effective at fighting against disease-causing bacteria. When the flu virus comes in contact with the wet mucous, it is found to be ineffective for up to 4 minutes even after the exposure to Hand sanitizer. Certain times, this wet mucous acts as a cover around the virus which prevents the Hand sanitizer to work on it. Hand sanitizer has the ability to eliminate the virus that has dried mucous.

alcohol-based hand sanitizer

In order to work on flu, Hand sanitizer must be used in a proper way. If not, Hand sanitizers are found to be ineffective, and also it is important to know the duration that the Hand sanitizer takes to work properly. Alcohol-based Hand sanitizer contains alcohol as the main ingredient which basically inactivates the virus and bacteria, but the most important information that you have to keep in mind is like soap and water, you have to make sure you cover all the surfaces of your hand. You must rub your Alcohol-based sanitizers for about 20 seconds before it is truly powerful.

How Safe Are Hand Sanitizers?

Since Hand sanitizers are evolved in recent times and many companies are involved in marketing it, we have to keep an eye on safety concerns regarding the use of Hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizers are encountered as drugs. So Hand sanitizers should be kept out of reach of pets and children. Children should be supervised by an adult while using Alcohol-based Hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers should not be consumed.

Unlike the traditional way of using soaps and waters to purify our hands, Hand Sanitizer is the best compact and suitable way to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses among humans. Recently, the whole world is facing a pandemic of COVID-19 which is caused due to the spread coronavirus. It is highly recommended that the use of an Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will definitely protect us from being affected by this virus.

World Health Organization (WHO. 2009) has instructed health care workers to use alcohol-based sanitizers to keep their hands clean. They have also stated that hand sanitizers are quicker, more effective against certain germs, and are way easier to apply on the skin than soap and water; however, hand sanitizers don’t work effectively unless it is used at the proper duration with enough amount and proper technique.

According to guidelines, Hand sanitizers must contain at least 94.4% alcohol by volume and should contain ingredients for smell and taste that discourage people from injecting the product. Methanol is a toxic element that causes nausea, vomiting, or headache when an enormous amount is used on the skin. So Hand sanitizer that contains methanol should completely be eliminated from usage.

How Could I Find Out Hand Sanitizer Online?

The best Hand sanitizer which is clean and safe for use can be found on Amazon and websites.

Guidelines that should be considered while buying Hand sanitizer online:

  • Pick a Hand sanitizer according to your skin type. There is a wide range of Hand sanitizers available in the market, but not all sanitizers go with all skin types. Consider choosing a sanitizer that is mild on skin and shields you from any sort of skin inflammations. People with sensitive skin should double-check the ingredients before buying a Hand sanitizer
  • Safety should be the first priority. Hand sanitizers are accumulated with many harmful ingredients that can cause damage to your skin. Always prefer Hand sanitizer that is in pure formula and safe for use
  • Always make sure to choose the product that has no harsh chemicals or preservatives that affects the skin
  • Consider choosing a product that has at least 60% of alcohol content in it
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers are flammable and it should be stored with utmost care and safety
  • Always keep the Hand sanitizer out of reach of children below 10 years
  • Consider choosing Hand sanitizer which also acts as an immunity booster for your hands. Immunity booster Hand sanitizer safeguard you against germs without creating any side effects or allergies to your skin

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