Vaginal Health – Leucorrhea

Vaginal Health – Leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is one of the most common causes of referral to primary care or gynecology clinics. Leucorrhea  is a thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge. It is seen especially in reproductive ages, sexually active women and those with poor genital hygiene. 

Leucorrhea is normal when you’re experiencing major changes in hormones like estrogen, so you might notice more of this discharge around the time of ovulation or early in pregnancy.

However, in many cases, leucorrhea is a sign of infection, especially when the discharge is yellow or green, has an offensive odour, and is accompanied by irritation, itching, pain, or tissue inflammation. Abnormal leucorrhea may be caused by infections caused by microorganisms such as Trichomnal Vaginalis, Chlamydia Trachomatis or Yeast infections

Ashoka herb is popularly used to treat menstrual disorders associated with excessive bleeding, congestion, and pain. The Ashoka herb benefits the endometrium and uterine muscles and is effectively used in Ayurveda for clearing congestion. Spasms. Ashoka herb makes a wonderful home remedy for several problems.

Ashoka tree is popularly used in the treatment of gynecological problems and menstrual disorders in women. The herb acts as a tonic for uterine muscles and endometrium, controlling spasms and abdominal pain.

It is taken to treat and alleviate symptoms of irregular menstrual cycles, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, fibroids, cysts and other related disorders.

Ashwagandha Stimulates the Thyroid Gland an.d helps maintain Hormonal balance and thus treats Leucorrhea

Shatavari  is important in traditional Ayurvedic Medicine. Extracts made from dried roots are used for various reproductive and hormonal issues in women and helps to normalise vaginal discharge. (Leucorrhea).

Lodhra is especially helpful in inflammation of the uterus. It supports the female body during heavy menstrual discharge as well as white discharge (leucorrhoea).


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