What is beard oil and How to use beard oil

What is beard oil and How to use beard oil

What is beard oil for and How to use beard oil

beard does not usually grow flawlessly out of nowhere (unless you have excellent genes). Beard care is mandatory if one decides to wear it, and there is no routine of care without beard oil . We tell you when and how – where you already know it 

What is beard oil

It is undoubtedly one of the most important cosmetics for the care and good maintenance of both facial hair and complexion . And it is that these multi-action formulas, which usually use as a base a combination of natural and essential oils , do many things and all the sea of ​​good.

Although its main purpose is to hydrate and nourish the beard and the skin on which it grows, they also soften the hair and make it more manageable, reduce itching, provide shine and leave a pleasant fragrance that accompanies us during the day. In addition, its use is recommended regardless of length or leafiness and its absorption time is quite fast, so its multiple benefits are noticed immediately.

How to use beard oil

The application method is very simple. The first thing is to rub three or four drops between the palms of your hands . It is better to fall short and repeat the process than to go over and leave the excessively fat beard, which dothraki hair. Thus, and thanks to the heat that is created with friction, the aromas contained in the oils are released and enhanced.

Then, spread the oil all over the facial hair and complexion with a gentle massage from the chin to the outside , without forgetting any corner. And if you have a very long beard , be sure to also apply it on the tips to prevent them from opening.

The best time is right after the shower , with the pores clean and wide open, because this helps the penetration of the assets. But if you are one of those who have discovered the hypnotic charm of spending hours brushing your beard, making rolls with certain strands and stretching and rolling the mustache, you can use the oil as a night treatment, as a mask. Apply it just before going to sleep and let it act throughout the night. In this way you will avoid removing the product with your fingers and maximize the results.

Oil for beard No. 1 Love Beard Oil, by Dr.Ethix! Argan, jojoba and macadamia oils provide the nutrients that both beard and complexion need. Work a few drops on the palm of your hand and apply them with a gentle massage.

beard oil

beard oil

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