Why should we use hair conditioner? – Benefits of Hair conditioner

Why should we use hair conditioner? – Benefits of Hair conditioner


Hair shampoo removes dirt , but our hair does not get natural nutrition with shampoo. To get this nutrition we have to use conditioner and it nourishes our hair and makes them healthy.

There are three types of conditioners, traditional conditioners, leave in conditioners and deep conditioners. All these conditioners have different advantages.

Benefits of Hair conditioner:

  1. By applying conditioner, hair gets nourishment and hair gets necessary vitamins and essential nutrients, which makes hair healthy and strong.
  2. Conditioner maintains moisture in hair and helps hair grow.
  3. If your hair is thin, short and curly, then you should use leave-in conditioner. This is best for your hair. There is no need to wash hair after leave in conditioner and this conditioner is used only for moisture in the hair. After applying conditioner, leave the conditioner in the hair for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Applying deep conditioner to dry and dry hair is beneficial and this conditioner protects hair from dryness.
  5. Apply conditioner to the roots of the hair and if your hair is tangled, then you first settle the hair, then condition the hair after that. This will brighten your hair and will also get rid of the problem of two-faced hair.

Which conditioner do you use? If you have used different types of conditioners, then do share your experience with us.

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