Women Hair Care: How to apply hair conditioner on your hair? Step by Step

Women Hair Care: How to apply hair conditioner on your hair? Step by Step

Women Hair Care: How to apply conditioner on your hair? Step by Step

Regularly shampooing your hair removes dirt and dirt from the hair but at the same time removes beneficial natural oil for the hair. Regular use of hot tools, chemicals, and natural weathering can make your hair dry, curly and tarnished. However, with the use of conditioner, we can prevent hair from deteriorating. There are 3 types of hair conditioners – traditional conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and deep conditioners. All three do the same thing while softening your hair.


Step 1

Choose the right conditioner according to your hair. After the shower, when you have washed your hair with shampoo, a traditional conditioner is applied. This methodic conditioner is used to repair your hair (heating equipment, chemicals, and general damage). Choose the right type of conditioner according to your hair; Even if you have curly hair, dry and bad hair, or thin hair; Special conditioners are available for all hair types.

Step 2

Wash your hair: Rub and scrub your scalp and hair regularly under the shower. Condition your hair after washing it. While shampooing, wash your scalp thoroughly rather than messing up your wet hair, as this will spoil your hair and break it in large quantities.

Step 3

Wash your shampoo hair properly. You might find it funny, but take as much of the cold water as possible. Cold water on your hair is safer than hot water. This prevents your hair from falling and breaking. Wash your shampooed hair with cold water. Take care not to get tangled while washing your wet hair. When your hair looks ‘squeaky’ it means that all the shampoo has gone.

Step 4

Twist your hair: If your hair is too wet, then any conditioner you apply will not stay on your hair for long. If you have short hair, you don’t need to twist your hair. But, if you have long hair, wring them properly and remove as much water as possible.


Bottles Of Shampoo or Hair conditioner

Step 5

Apply conditioner: Take a little conditioner on your palm; Take conditioner according to how long your hair is. For hair that is shorter or up to a chin, take a coin-sized conditioner. If you have long hair, take as much conditioner as your palm. Apply it well to the end of your hair. Apply the conditioner only at the end of the hair, as these are the worst. Applying the hair conditioner to your scalp or hair roots stops your follicles, due to which your hair grows at a slower rate and oil production starts to increase.

Step 6

Leave the conditioner on for a while: You can do this according to your wish; After applying the conditioner, the longer you leave it on your hair, the sooner it will improve your hair. If you are in a hurry, you can wash your hair immediately after applying it. But, it will not make your hair as soft and shiny as it is if you keep it for long. First apply conditioner in your hair and then clean your face and entire body, so that it stays in your hair for a while. To get good results, wash it after 1-2 minutes.

Step 7

Wash the conditioner properly. If you have raised the temperature of the water, then by reducing it again,
use cold water as much as possible. Because cold water                         
makes your hair healthy. Wash your hair for a while to
remove all the conditioner. If your hair looks thin, it
means that all the conditioner has not come out of the
hair. When your hair is smooth and there is no stickiness
in them, then understand that the conditioner has gone
out. Twist your hair and remove the water.


Step 8

Choose leave-in conditioner according to your hair: Like regular conditioners, leave in conditioners are of many types. It is available in two ways – cream and spray. Cream – is for long, thick, and curly hair, as they have more weight. Spray – For thin, short, and straight hair, as they weigh less.

Step 9

Shampooing and Conditioning on Your Hair: Treat Your Hair Regularly | There is no need to wash after applying leave-in conditioner, but they are applied to provide moisture to the hair. As mentioned above, dry your hair with shampoo and condition in the same manner as weights.

Step 10

Keep a little serum on your palm. For medium-length and low-thickness hair, there is enough conditioner as much as pea, but each person has their own amount. Always start with a low serum, because if it falls short you can apply it again.

Step 11

Rub this product well in your hair. Rub the conditioner on your palm so that it becomes thin, now apply it at the end of your hair. Like a regular conditioner, apply it only at the end of your hair, not the scalp or roots.

Step 12

Comb your hair: After applying leave-in conditioner, brush your hair with a wide tooth comb. This process will spread the conditioner well in your hair so that the conditioner does not stick to only one part of the hair and keep the remaining part dry.

Step 13

Select Deep Conditioner : Deep conditioner also prevents hair from getting dry and spoiled. Deep conditioners are not of many types but of different brands. Choose a deep conditioner that will meet your hair and budget.

Step 14

Wet your hair : Wash your hair with cold or warm water. You can also shampoo if you want, just wet your hair anyway. Twist your hair and remove as much water as you can.

Step 15

Apply deep conditioner: Remove a little conditioner and apply it thickly on your entire head. Mostly apply it at the end of the hair, but you can also apply it to your roots. If your hair is messed up, then clean them again and apply conditioner on each hair.

Step 16

Leave it on for a while: Put a shower cap on your head so that the hair does not pollute your clothes or face. Follow the instructions of your conditioner so that it can treat your hair. To show your magic, it will probably take 20-30 minutes. If you wish, you can also heat your hair with a hair dryer, so that the conditioner is completely set.

Step 17

Dip the deep conditioner: Withdraw the shower cap, and head it in as much cold water as you can. Wash for 3-5 minutes so that the entire conditioner comes out well. When your hair does not look thin, make sure that the entire conditioner is gone. Now you can make any hairstyle by drying your hair.


Avoid using hot appliances and chemicals on your hair on a regular basis, this can cause the need to use more conditioners that are damaging your hair.

At least, do conditioner once a week. Do not use it too much nor apply it on your scalp, especially when your hair becomes oily quickly.

When your hair is wet, do not comb them, because they will break more and get worse.


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